I love collaborating…

I’m so very appreciative of everyone who has given their time and talents to help me get where I am today. Collaborating with models has allowed me to try out different themes, lighting set ups, techniques, formats, as well as retouching styles.

Models who collaborate with me have the benefit of new content for their website & social media channels, as well as any promotional material where updated talent photos are needed.

I only accept a limited number of collaborations each year, particularly when I’m in search of a specific look to complement a theme I’m working on.

Each collaboration is different, and the details are spelled out in a contract between me and the model. Typically, the agreement involves the following:

  • The model will arrive on-time, ready to shoot, and is responsible for his/her wardrobe and make-up.

  • The photographer is responsible for securing the location, lighting, equipment and backdrops.

  • Once delivered, photos must not be edited, cropped or “filtered” in any way before publishing in print or online. The only exception to this is Instagram’s square crop.

  • The photographer & model must be credited/tagged in photos from the shoot, whether in print or online. Proper attribution is expected and required even when photos are posted by third parties, such as hair & make-up artists, designers, agencies, fan accounts, etc.

Delivery time of the photos will vary, depending on how busy I am at the time. I aim to have them professionally retouched within 30 days of the shoot. The amount of photos provided to the model is agreed to before the shoot, though it typically ranges from 5 to 10 retouched photos. Additional retouched photos are available for purchase.

Because the retouching process is integral to the digital photography style I’ve developed, raw (unedited) files are never provided as part of a collaboration or paid shoot.